driving school

I’ve been holding my breath all morning (well, since last night actually) in anticipation of Steev’s first driving lesson. I still can’t imagine my firstborn, my baby driving a car. Gimme some time, I need to get used to that thought 😆 .

At the appointed time, the driving instructor pulls up outside our house. Steev tells me later the car is so freakin’ small that he can’t stretch his legs all the way even with the driver’s seat pushed to the max, all the way back as far as it would go 😯 .

After the initial briefing, Mr DI allows Steev to drive round the block. Many times. The car’s a stick shift so it’s one big balancing act with the clutch and accelerator. I’m not sure who even drives stick shift any more but we don’t have any other choice. On the bright side, it’s probably something to brag to his grandkids about 😀 .

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