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So we were enjoying our fish and chips at the mall and got home within minutes of lights out aka Earth Hour. Granted Earth Hour is a great idea to generate awareness but seriously, whoever’s still in the dark about Mother Earth’s predicament must’ve been living under a rock, no?

We didn’t turn off our lights. In fact, it was such a warm night we turned on the air-conditioning to surf the net. We’re already doing our bit every day and I think that’s what really counts.

We’ve been recycling old containers, plastic bags and bottles, and using energy-efficient bulbs forever. I also have a house rule that says, last person out of a room switches everything off. Lately we’ve also gotten very good at using our own shopping bags. We used to forget but we’ve gotten the hang of it now.

I’m sure there’s a couple more things I’ve missed out like recycling wrapping paper and reducing water wastage. Our recent storms and torrential downpours have actually given me a bright idea. I’m thinking of collecting rainwater for watering my plants and washing the patio floor.

What are you doing? Please share. We could all use some bright ideas so we can do more.

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One Comment

  • mommy to chumsy

    Collecting rainwater to water the plants is a great idea 😀 I totally forgot about Earth Hour that day. What a bummer. Was watching a dvd with the aircond on too *shake head*