spare the rod, or not?

I don’t get it. What’s this I’m reading about parents (and grandparents) out there who pinch their kids for being naughty? I think it’s pretty sad, don’t you? I thought we left these sorts of physically abusive behavior back in the Stone Ages along with the machetes and spears. Maybe not.

When Skye was in kindy, one of her teachers slapped her for being out of sync with the rest of her dance group during concert practice. I pulled her out of kindy the next day. When my kids were younger, I would constantly remind that if any of their teachers beat them, they should let me know so I can go sue their pants off 😉 !

When I was growing up, my grandmother kept a cane in the house. She never used it. She just waved it around to scare us. When my kids came along, I didn’t bother buying a cane although it’s a sort-of must-have in Asian households with kids. It was an aunt who got me one “just in case” my kids needed to be kept in line. Bah!

That cane sat in a corner for a while, then it disappeared. I don’t know what happened to it. I never used it. For the most part, my kids were regular little angels. But they weren’t robots either 😆 . They did get up to funny tricks. Like at one time, the 3 of them were pelting peas at my neighbor’s maid just for fun 🙄 . I didn’t know until I heard muffled giggling every evening and found – the ingenious pea shooter they invented 😯 !!

So they got an earful from me. That’s always been my style. Lecture, pep talk, reason, yell if I have to. Ask questions, give them a chance to explain. I will listen to their story. Ask them to think about what I’ve said and then make them apologize or wait for their apology.

Understandably we’re all human here and there are times kids can really get on our nerves. I’m okay with light spanks if talking doesn’t work. But pinching, caning, hitting the knuckles with a ruler? No way! How were you disciplined when you were a kid? What’s your discipline style?

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  • Lindsay

    OMGosh I can not believe that the teacher slapped her! I have been worried about stuff like that since Ryan has started school. I would seriously go to jail. My temper is too bad to deal with something like that.

    I give a warning, put in time out, and then give a little spank if needed. But its nothing like using a cane or ruler. I would never want him to be scared of me which I think would happen when a parent would do something like that.

  • Karen

    My mom was capable of giving a mean look that made me know she meant business and I had better straighten up. I gave that look to my kids.

  • JennyMac

    We have a 3 year old and I am not ready for physical discipline. We are perfecting “the look” our parents used. LOL>

    And I would go nuts if a teacher EVER hit my child. Yikes.

    Happy FF!


    I have to say that i did spank my boy if he turns nasty! But not caning and whacking. Oh and of course, not from other people! I can’t take it if the teacher canes him one day..that would be awful and i am sure my boy would hate going to school if it ever happens!! 😉

  • mommy to chumsy

    i spank mine….(lightly) and use the rod to wave it around…hahahahahhahhaa. if the teacher ever spank my kid, i would go to the school and give her a piece of my mind.