I dreamed a dream

I had such a good dream the other night I’m still smiling. I dreamed a young woman walks up to me and offers to be my maid. I remember thinking, man, someone up there must really love me to notice how much I loathe housework! Yup, an angel sent from above, no doubt! No more dirty dishes, greasy sinks and faucets, no more laundry. Woo-hoo!

And that’s not all. I turn around and there’s this uniformed guy holding the limo door open for me. Woah, my personal chauffeur. Could dreams get any sweeter? No more circling like a vulture looking for a parking spot, no more knocking my head on the steering wheel in frustration, no more filling up the air pressure in my tires. Woo-hoo!

Do dreams ever come true, you think 😉 ? Ever had a dream you wish would come true?

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