zero, nada, zilch!

I was window-shopping with the girls and we came across this. Not the best photo in the world, I know. It was taken in stealth mode using my pocket PC camera with Skye standing guard while I tried to snap this picture without being caught and thrown out of the store.

Figured it out yet? No? Well, it’s a pair of shorts.

Size 0 shorts, to be exact!

I mean, who wears a size 0?

If I wear a size zero, does it mean I don’t exist 😯 ?

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  • Lindsay

    You should have grabbed them and burned them! I wore that in high school and just think that that girl didn’t know how great she had it : ) I mean I would just go to Olive Garden and eat all of the Alfredo on my plate with about twenty breadsticks and two bowls of salad with no care in the world. Now (after having a kid) I probably take a bite of just the breadstick and gain ten pounds! Geez!