not short enough

I’m not sure if I mentioned this but I got my past-shoulder length hair snipped to, what I thought would be, a more manageable length. Slightly below the shoulder. It was a sort of compromise as I kinda liked my hair long for a while back then.

So I bit the bullet and barged into the saloon, bracing myself for an inquisition about why I won’t highlight my hair, or have it steamed like dimsum. I tried to smile politely through it all, timing my nods and ‘hmm’s to start the moment she finished each question. And I did well, I think. She seemed pretty happy with my responses. She even waved me a cheery goodbye.

Do I like my hair now? Well, it’s okay except that I still need to tie it up into a little ponytail when I go to the gym. And then I end up bundling it up the whole time as the hot weather shows no sign of relenting. I wish I’d cut it shorter. Next time 😀 .

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One Comment

  • Lindsay

    I am a short hair kinda girl. Well shoulder length which I think is short. Long enough to put in a little pony tail but not long enough to get on my nerves. But I hate getting my hair cut so it’s usually out of control long by the time I go.