yo Daisy!

Skye pointed out this beautiful African Daisy to me. It’s growing in our garden but I didn’t notice it. That’s how clueless I can be 😆 . But isn’t it beautiful though?

Skye tells me that Tyson, our beagle pup, has been chewing on it, hence the missing petals on top. Tyson is such a little pig – seriously – he’ll eat and drink anything in his path, from healthy protein drinks from http://www.proteinpowder.net to flavored almonds to super-sour lemons.

His favorite food for now seems to be our shoes!! Our flip-flops are all beautifully punctured for better air flow, I guess? And the only thing he doesn’t seem to like is mandarin orange peel 😛 . I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t eat it either.

Oh, and by the way, Daisy sits on a raised cement platform now so she can continue to bloom without losing her mind flowers!

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One Comment

  • Lindsay

    Beautiful! Will you come plant one in my yard? My husband and I tried planting flowers when we first moved in our house and not one came up. Flowers hate me …