the return of the prodigal gym rat

Yes, those would be my happy feet and my scruffy sweatpants on the treadmill. The prodigal gym rat is back… with a vengeance… at the gym… working her legs and butt half to death!

Okay, so I slacked off for a whole month. Well, not entirely. I was still doing a lot of running – errands, not exercise! Each time gym day rolled around, it seemed I had to run out and pay the car insurance, or collect photocopies, or sit in line at the bank, or something 🙄 !

Then just as I was thinking, oh good, I have nothing on tomorrow, I spent the night before running to the bathroom several times after eating something ‘poisonous’ at last weekend’s golf tournament. Running, yes but obviously not the kind I had in mind.

But I did eventually make it to the gym Friday morning. I completed 2 kilometers on the treadmill which is more than I normally do, slacker me! Even then, I feel lighter, more energized and hungrier quicker 😉 .

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  • Lindsay

    Congrats for getting back to the gym : ) I have been back on the diet the last couple weeks too in hopes of getting rid of ten/fifteen pounds before the hubby gets home. But it is so incredible hard! It seems like the harder I work out the more chocolate I want.