how my morning got bunkered

We dragged ourselves out of bed on a Sunday morning to go to a golf tournament. Can you believe that? But only because my three teens were once budding little golf players and Hip2bDad is trying to inspire them to pick up the game again. I say, anyone would be crazy to send their kids out into this unbearable heat to chase a little ball!

Anyhow this was a one-off. And you know why we prefer to stay away from these events? Because they’ve got all these stupid rules about what you can and cannot wear and do! And quite frankly, on a hot day like today, we’d rather not be strutting about in the sun wearing polo shirts with long pants and proper shoes 😯 !!

I parked the car miles away and we hopped on a small shuttle bus to get to the main entrance of the golf course. Then we hopped onto a golf buggy to be transported to the main event. The girls got a big kick as they often do when they caddy for their daddy and he lets them drive the buggy into bushes and trees!

After asking about 10 completely clueless people for directions, we finally stumbled on the food tent where we stopped for some breakfast. One thing’s for sure, the food they serve golfers makes me look like a top-notch celebrity chef, booyah!

We passed many interesting people, most notably the scantily-clad air-heads hired by the companies sponsoring the event. I think I understand a little better now the scenarios that must’ve led Tiger to his downfall predicament.

And by the time we got back to the parking lot, I found someone had parked behind my car (obviously someone with a brain the size of a golf ball) and I couldn’t get out!! Thank goodness for the golfer who ran around my car telling me how much space I had to maneuver. It took forever to inch my car out of that impossible space!

All in all, the morning put me in a really foul mood for a Sunday. I’m going to take an indefinite break from golf. That’ll be all. I won’t be taking any questions.

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  • Freely Living Life

    Hello there!

    I found you through the “Friday Follow” and decided to follow you through Google Friend Connect. I’m looking forward to further exploring your blog! Come on over and visit us when you get a free moment. Happy blog hopping! <3

  • Peryl

    Erg. I have resisted the pull of golf even though my husband, my in-laws and now my four-year old are obsessed. Would rather hang out in the clubhouse with a drink :).

    Peryl@parenting ad absurdum (MBC)


    Not when I was a teen. Not now as a mother of 2 and I don’t foresee myself playing golf when I am turn 50 too. Would rather spend the money travelling!!

  • Jen Cheung

    helllo hip2bmom

    seems like you had an fun sunday wor!! lots of excerising ehh? for me, i never been to golfing before. I would love to one day though! hehehe. how long did u guys end up staying at the golf court though??