through the rear view mirror

Considering the amount of time I spend hanging out in my minivan, you can well imagine the things I do while waiting for my kids. You’ll either find me playing games on my pocket PC, flipping radio stations, singing along to songs I like, or if it happens to be gym day and I’ve just washed my hair, I’d be busy drying my hair in the cool air from my car’s air-conditioning.

That’s exactly what I was doing this afternoon outside my girls’ school. I do this all the time. It’s not a crime, right? So how was I to know that today, someone who was parked in front of me was watching me from his rear view mirror. His windows were heavily tinted so it never struck me until he and his camcorder eyes slithered over to my car door and sneakily threw a glance in through my window.

And no, it wasn’t his car, he’s the chauffeur judging from his uniform. I hope he was bitterly disappointed that there was really nothing to see. I was covered all the way to my knee caps in my ugliest pair of black bermuda shorts.

What’s more worrying for me, as a mom, was when I saw who he’d come to pick up from school. It’s one of Raine’s friends and I hope, for her sake, that her parents know what kind of perv person they’re sending to pick up their 17-year-old daughter from school 😯 .

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