don’t tell me to wait!

So just what have I been up to? Apart from the wedding, and hanging out at a friend’s casual outdoor party, and shopping for a new washing machine which turned out to be a little more of a run-around than I expected, that is.

The fun wouldn’t be complete though without a line-up of exciting administrative errands that I so enjoy – like waiting endlessly at the bank, waiting endlessly at Steev’s college for his transcripts, waiting endlessly at … well, you get the picture.

With all of this new-fangled technology that the world’s geeky community throws at us every other day, you would think that waiting would be an obsolete word by now, if not already banished to the lexical museum.

So what have I been up to?

Bank teller’s answer to my question: Wait, let me check!

Steev’s text message to me: Wait, need to go to library to return books!

Tell me you’re just like me, that you hate to wait.

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