a cousin from out of the blue

What a great weekend! We spent the better part of it at a wedding on the in-law side. Friday night, it was raining elephants and gorillas. Visibility was poor and parts of the highway was flooded when we drove out to the bride’s open house.

As usual, each time we see the clan, there are the exclamations of how big the kids have grown and the repetitions of names, ages and school year to jolt everyone’s memories. Now that my teens are old enough to answer those questions themselves, my days as a human tape recorder may be numbered 😆 .

Saturday morning, we were off to the church wedding and reception. The bride was radiant, of course. Thankfully too the service was short and sweet, and the day got noisier as more of the clan crawled out of the woodwork whom we’ve not seen in ages.

The hotel dinner party that night was huge. There must’ve been at least 800 guests. In the midst of camera flashes and toothy hugs, Steev bumped into a guy from college that he vaguely knew. Someone he would say hi to as they passed each other in the hallway between classes.

In the small talk that followed, that guy turned out to be a cousin (?) Steev never knew he had. Can you imagine that? Right now, we still have no idea who he is but I’m sure with a little nosing around, we’ll soon find out he’s related to us. It’s the first time we’ve ever encountered something like this. Have you ever found a long-lost family member through casual conversation?

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  • IASoupMama

    How funny! I’ve not run into a relative that way, but I do remember once that we were at Disney World and one of my mom’s cousins from across the country suddenly walked by — such an odd time to run into someone we hadn’t seen in years and years (or ever, as I’d never met the cousin).

  • kristin

    It’s a small world and getting smaller all the time with all our social connections online 🙂 I clicked on a facebook friend only to find she was friends in common with another friend who I hadn’t even realized they knew each other. Different states, different schools – who woulda guessed! Creates more serendipity if you ask me 🙂


  • Peryl

    Raining elephants and gorillas – love it! My mom met a cousin she didn’t know she had in a restaurant in Montreal – so random and serendipitous.

    Peryl (From MBC)