the return of happy laundry days

In the continuing saga of my washing machine woes, I’ve decided to heck with the store that sent over the young technician who charged an arm and a leg to fix my washing machine by trial and error. I’ve spent the better part of this week comparing prices at other stores. That’s when I came across the store my folks used to buy our household appliances from.

There’s a new store owner now. The previous owner handed the business over to his son who happily gambled it all away, so the story goes. The new store is a no-frills mini warehouse that doesn’t even display the appliances but I popped in to have a look anyway.

And to my pleasant surprise, I found they offer some of the best prices in town. Must be my lucky day 😀 ! Yes, for the savings of a few hundred bucks, I didn’t even mind running to another store to view and select my washing machine before calling them back with the model number to order for me.

My new Electrolux washing machine arrived yesterday, the very next day after I ordered it. What great service! So it’s happy days!!

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  • Judy

    Your washing machine is beautiful! One day we’ll have one just as pretty 🙂
    I’m stopping by from Friday Follow and am now following your blog.
    I’d love for you to stop by my blog: