Okay, so we have a wedding to go to this weekend. The girls and I have been through our closets and it’s official! We have “nothing to wear”!! Well, okay, we do have closets jammed with clothes but we can’t wear the same thing twice, can we now? I mean everyone’s seen it before 😯 !!

So we totally need some new dresses for the dinner reception.We’ve spent hours at the mall this past weekend, trying on stuff and trying on stuff. And finally when Raine found her criss-cross spaghetti top little black dress, we collectively let out a huge sigh of relief!

And then we were off again to help Skye pick out her little black dress! We were browsing at this store when I turned to Skye and asked, “See anything nice?” just as we happened to be passing by this door. Her response was “Yeah, nice font!” 🙄

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  • Jessica

    LOL This reminds me of when my husbands sister was getting married…you should have saw how many stores I went through to find something to wear!!

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