washing machine woes

About two weeks ago, my washing machine stopped in the middle of Spin Dry. I guess it couldn’t handle the girls’ 2 pairs of pants that are as thick as tree barks.

I called the repair man from the same store where I bought this washing machine 3 years ago. They sent over a young guy who didn’t even bother to troubleshoot. He simply replaced the capacitor, snatched 100+ bucks out of my hand and was on his merry way not 5 minutes after he stepped into my house.

It worked for exactly one wash and then died again. Said young tech came over again on a Sunday, turned the knobs and miraculously the machine started up again and he was out the door in 3 minutes. As soon as he left, it died again.

So I waited till Monday to call him again. He mumbled something about the timer needing to be replaced, that it would cost me big bucks and that I should consider buying a new machine – from him! Oh, and that he would discount what I’d already paid for the capacitor. How generous of him!

Somehow I didn’t like the sound of that and decided to call the manufacturer who said they would charge a freaking 70+ bucks just to have someone come over to take a look. And what if they can’t repair it? Okay, so now what? We need a quick and dirty decision.

Should I buy a new machine from said young tech just so I can get back what I paid for the capacitor? Or should I take a chance on getting it fixed (or not) by the manufacturer? Or should I just bite the bullet and buy a new machine from another store since this machine is already rusty in a few places? What would you do?

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  • Reyna

    Those washing machines!

    I think that you would be very happy to get a new machine..since this one is breaking, there is probably a good chance that it will in the future as well, so it might be cheaper to save yourself the hastle and money it costs to have the old one repaired, and buy a new one!! Good luck!

  • Mandi

    Hmmm… that is tough decision! I would use it as an excuse to buy a new washer altogether! I hope you figure it out!
    Following from Friday Follow!

  • kristin

    You certainly need another opinion, is there a local repair man besides the one mentioned or the manufacurer? I once had a furnace man tell me I needed a new furnace – that was 6 years ago and another repair person had it repaired within no time. How old is it? Mine is currently like 15 years old and still going strong . . .


  • clairity

    @reyna, brandi, mandi
    Thanks for the votes to buy a new machine. That’s what I was kinda hoping 😀 .

    I was thinking the same thing, that’s why I’m kinda torn. It would be nice if my machine can be repaired and last for ages after that.

  • Rita A

    I would have the excuse I needed to go washer and dryer shopping! And a pouty face to my hubby to buy them. Glad to have you part of the fun of Friday Follow. Rita @ one2try.blogspot.com

  • Lindsay

    I would maybe get a second opinion and if you had to get a new machine I wouldn’t get it from them! Because if you buy another one from them you might just end up with the same problems a while from now.

    Let us know what you do!!