our star attraction

While it’s the same old, same old every house we visited this year, ours isn’t. We’ve got a star attraction to show off and he has, so far, got everyone we know going ga-ga…

… yep, that would be Tyson, our beauty king of a baby beagle. Isn’t he cute? He smiles too and yelps when he hears his name. Tyson’s been with us for only about 5 months now, so he wasn’t around last Chinese New Year. This year, our visitors were surprised to see happy little Tyson at their feet.

Hip2bDad’s best buddy dropped by with his family. Their 2 teen boys are around the same age as our 3, and as young families, we’ve spent many fun times together checking out new playgrounds, comparing toys, wondering which to buy and trading child-proofing stories.

We could easily tell that Hip2bDad’s buddy was quite taken with Tyson and was indicating to his boys that they too should probably get a pet when they return home. The only problem is they live in a condominium where space may be a constraint. We don’t think that’s going to stop him though 😆 .

Anyhow, back to Tyson. He’s getting all the attention from our festive visitors as well as from Raine and Skye. Since they have a week off from school, they have all the time in the world to pamper, sneak him forbidden snacks, spray him with water to cool him off in this heat, take him for walks and of course, Tyson is only too happy to pose for photos. We love you, Ty. You’re the cutest!

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