quiet is how we like it

We had a small trickle of visitors yesterday so it was all nice and manageable, nothing like the hordes of 20-30 relatives who used to descend on us like a swarm of locusts. Most of those cousins are now either working or studying all over the globe.

Today I’m going to be cooking our Kickoff Lunch. It’s the first meal of the new year that traditionally business families and their staff would enjoy as they kick off the new business year. It’s a tradition in our family as far back as I can remember.

So yep, Chinese New Year is, as some of you may know, one big feast stretching over 15 days so you can imagine how much food is involved 😆 . From big meals at restaurants (which we try to avoid unless invited) to crunching cookies, cakes and all things sugar-laden at every house we visit.

After lunch, we’re off to visit a couple of relatives and as usual, there’ll be lots of gossips and thank goodness conversations will typically stay clear of problems and negative stuff like checking out jointsupplementreviews.net for minor ailments.

It’s pretty quiet this year. I like it this way. At least we have time to savor the week-long school break, laze around all day, gobble heaps of mandarin oranges and tangerines, watch some movies at home, have a few laughs.

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