reunion dinner, or was it lunch?

Admittedly I’m not a very good Chinese chef. Blame it on me not being very Chinese-y, I’m actually much more confident cooking Western food than I am Asian food. I would’ve loved to bring my entire brood out to Friday’s for pasta and pizza, but I have to instill some appreciation for Chinese customs and traditions in my young ‘uns, don’t I?

So this being Chinese New Year and all, I have to at least pretend to whip up a few simple Chinese dishes to make my ancestors proud 😉 . So here’s what I cooked for our CNY reunion dinner lunch (find out how our dinner became lunch) today.

Stir-Fried Kai-lan with Crispy Scallop Bits

An everyday dish of stir-fried Kai-lan (Chinese kale) funky-ed up with crispy dried scallop bits became a big hit with my say-no-to-veggie teens 😀 .

Claypot Pork Ribs and Tofu

My kids are big fans of Claypot Tofu and I cook this quite often. But Claypot Tofu and Pork Ribs with carrot flowers and a sprinkling of wolfberries? Now that’s something different. Raine loved this and said it’s a brilliant idea to use pork ribs.

Spicy Thai-style Crispy Chicken

And my very popular Spicy Thai-style Crispy Chicken with shredded carrots, cucumbers and onions is a hit with the kids as usual.

Braised Mushrooms with Phoenix Claws

And then we have Hip2bDad’s and my favorite Braised Mushrooms with Phoenix Claws. The name itself is enough to invoke sheer horror in my kids’ eyes. Phoenix? Actually there’s nothing pre-historic about this at all. Phoenix Claw is just a nice name for chicken feet 😆 !

Lotus Root Soup with Japanese Baby Scallops

And finally, we have my Lotus Root Soup with Japanese Baby Scallops which turned out so sweet and flavorful I would’ve hidden the entire pot to savor when no one’s watching 😉 .

There! Are we going to need diet pills later? I doubt it since there’s nothing very fattening here. And I think I might just have saved us a couple of hundred bucks cooking at home.

Here’s wishing all who are celebrating, A Happy and Prosperous Year of the Tiger. If you’re traveling out of town, have a safe journey. And to those who are not, have a Happy Valentine’s Day and a great weekend :smile:� .

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  • Mrs. Clean Freak

    I must applaud you for @least trying to explore different dishes. Me on the other hand, I am still learning to try and cook on a REGULAR BASIS! I get encouraged when I read how other moms just cook all the time or plan meals for the week! So I been cooking a lil more than what I use to (1x every 2 weeks or more) I didn’t cook today….hubby did so he helps but i still wanna do more cooking! LOL, Be Blessed!