waiting in the sauna for Tiger

So here we are, sitting around in sauna weather waiting for the Year of the Tiger aka the Big Food Fest to begin. Dare I say the sun is a ridiculous 95+ degrees that feels like 120 degrees and I’m sweating like a pig (do pigs even perspire?) from a humidity of, oh, only 95% 🙄 ?

To all the ladies who wanted to trade in their snow for my sauna in my previous post, great choice! This here is the best natural weight loss system ever. Yes, this is typical Chinese New Year weather tailor-made to counter the effects of the Big Food Fest!

So while I’m languishing in perspiration wishing I could dive right into that,

let me just say I can’t believe how laid-back I am about Chinese New Year. I didn’t bake a single cookie this year because my oven’s kaput since Christmas and I haven’t gotten around to buying a new one yet. Talk about procrastinating.

I’m so glad I only have two traditional meals to cook for the five of us – the reunion dinner on CNY Eve which is tomorrow night, and the kick-off lunch on the second day of CNY – and that’s it. Easy-peasy! Stay tuned for more updates and pictures when I’m done slaving and serving, or follow me on Twitter for fat, juicy titbits on the fly 😉 .

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