I’m a pig and I admit it

I’ve just finished my second breakfast – a stack of 20 crackers with kaya (coconut jam), a cup of mango yogurt and a bowl of herbal soup. Quite frankly, those 20 crackers, they do nothing for me. That’s why I have to supplement them with yogurt and soup, and even then *sigh*…

I have two breakfasts every morning. My first is at 6:30am with my 3 teens before they leave for school. Usually it’s two slices of wholemeal toast and a cup of coffee. I hate to say this but bread does nothing for me either. I eat it and minutes later, poof, it’s gone!

I’m a pig not because I love food, but because I have a metabolism rate that turns its nose up as skimpy, frivolous food like bread, cookies, cakes, chips and salads. Last year, I went on a one-month vegetarian diet and almost starved myself to death 😆 .

My tummy needs substance, that’s all. It needs something to hold on to, something to waltz around with. Believe it or not, I don’t eat a lot and I’m not greedy. Heck, I’m not even that crazy about food. I mean, have you ever met a Chinese who is not a food-crazed lunatic (no offense)?

Well, howdy doody, nice to meet ya, I’m 4th generation and maybe somewhere along the line, my genes got wrapped around the wrong beanpole 😯 . Goodness knows I’ve passed this defective interesting gene to Skye, my 14 year old, who is perpetually hungry like me.

And lest you think we look like brick houses from this constant eating, we’re both rather slim. Not skinny but slim. Even the best weight loss supplement would be lost on us. That said, I’m hungry again and lunch time is still an hour away.

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