to the bookstore? again?

The bookstore seems to have found itself a permanent spot on my Saturday morning schedule. To be honest, I don’t remember making half as many runs to the bookstore in my entire school life as my kids do now in a month.

Every Saturday, at least one of my kids will go, “Mom, we need to stop by the bookstore. I need some stationery” and I’ll go “What? Again?” and this is where we’ll end up.

At the rate we’re going, you’d think my kids eat stationery for lunch. The truth is if they so much as leave an el-cheapo pen unattended for even two seconds in school, it’s gone! Poof! Never to be seen again.

And since it’s not feasible for me to hire a security guard to protect our stationery investments at school, we have no choice but to go replenish the lost items every Saturday! I guess I should thank my lucky stars our trips are not to buy books. Books here are so freakin’ expensive I’m telling my kids to quit reading 😯 !

How often do you and your kids go to the bookstore?

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