watch for finger!

I met a jack@ss the other day. Lots of them on the road and they’re either fearless or stupid, I can’t figure out which. This particular one decided the grass on my lane was greener. So as we both rounded a bend side by side, he cut into my lane like his grandfather owned the road.

Good thing I was driving like a turtle. If I’d been going any faster, I might’ve ended up hitting the concrete kerb. Anyhow I leaned on my horn but let the poor misguided soul rush ahead like I normally do. Maybe his bladder was full and he needed to get to a fire hydrant. Or maybe he left his brain on the ceramic tiles at home and had to rush back to get it.

Whatever it was, he sure had his middle finger on him and he didn’t hesitate to stick it up at me 😈 ! J.e.r.k!! He’s lucky I was in a good mood and Steev was in the car with me or I would’ve no qualms about returning the favor!

Like I once did to the jerk who cut me off just as the traffic light was turning red, leaving me sitting in the yellow box. I gave him a little honk to get him to look into his rear view mirror and when he did, I gave him the middle finger. Ah, the sheer satisfaction!

Speaking of which, there’s just one more thing. To yesterday’s jack@ss, since I didn’t get a chance yesterday, here ya go, buster, enjoy 👿 !

Aah, I feel so much better already! What would you have done?

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  • Lindsay

    I HATE stupid drivers! Houston especially has the dumbest people driving that I have ever seen. No turn signal, cutting people off, whipping in and out of lanes…

    I swear it makes me want to run up to their window and ask them what their problem is.

    And it makes me really mad when I have my three yr old with me which is all the time.