some like it hot!

With 4 picky eaters in the house, me included, it’s quite a challenge coming up with food we all like. This Thai-style crispy chicken is our current dinner favorite. It’s a dish we often order when we eat out at Chinese restaurants. Since it’s such a hit with everyone, I decided to cook it at home…

… um, without a recipe. I’m not very good at following recipes. I like to just grab ingredients on the fly and dunk them all in. Surprisingly this dish of lightly fried chicken topped with shredded carrots, onions and cucumber in Thai chilly sauce turned out very tasty eaten over rice. My kids lick the platter clean every time I cook this.

Go ahead and give my easy-peasy Thai-style crispy chicken recipe a try. You can adjust the heat level to your family’s taste and still have it taste as good 😉 .

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