Monday morning entertainment

I can’t believe I wasted spent my entire morning watching an interview with some Korean actor. The only reason I was watching it was because I was on the treadmill in the gym doing my cardio, aka captive audience!

Admittedly I’m a banana (yellow on the outside, white on the inside). When I was growing up, I lived with my British-educated aunt who banned us kids from watching Asian movies. See one and you’ve seen them all, the story lines are all the same so I never developed an interest in them.

This wasn’t a movie though, it was an interview on CNN. Anyhow what could I do, I was chained to the treadmill! I have no idea who this Korean dude is except that thankfully he speaks somewhat intelligible English and I could actually catch bits of the interview through the crunching of treadmills being worked to death.

But what caught my attention was the way the Aussie interviewer was looking at him. There were moments when I thought she must surely be falling in love with this guy the way she was looking at him 😯 . It was like watching a love story unfold within an interview. How quaint!

She’s gorgeous, by the way, but I’m not so sure about him 🙄 . She was gazing intently at him with her very pretty smile while he was looking everywhere else but at her. Gosh, some guys are just so blind! And that, was my Monday morning entertainment!

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