a super-busy weekend

We’re having a very busy weekend here, quite a change from our usually laid-back ones. Raine and Skye were out of the house at the crack of dawn this morning on a cross-country run at school. They looked for all the world like they were going to climb Mount Everest with caps and sunblock on and heavily-laden backpacks of sandwiches and cans of sports drinks.

Five kilometers, a steep slope, scorching sun and 90+ degrees out can be pretty tough. But they had fun. Skye came home with a headache, sore muscles and bursting with exciting stories to tell – tired but happy Raine had introduced her to some of her friends.

Raine was nursing the beginnings of a sore throat and too tired to talk much. I too had a splitting headache from my grocery morning at Tesco where their specialty is to suffocate the customer with their barely-there air-conditioning.

Steev attended two farewell dinners for his friends who’ll be leaving for college in Tasmania and Australia next month. Tomorrow he’ll have his first taste of driving school – a full day of driving instruction. Not sure why it takes a whole day, it’s not like they’re teaching the kids to do rv repair 😯 !

It’s a very busy weekend but we’re having fun. How’s your weekend going?

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