so what are we crazy about now?

Okay, so we’re on this fish and chips binge right now. We’ve had it two weekends in a row… New York fish and chips which the chef must’ve drowned in breadcrumbs before dropping into the fryer, then generously topped with melted cheese. Mmmm, swimmingly good!

And as if that’s not enough, I even ventured to make my own fish and chips for lunch on a school day. Fish and chips ‘homecooked’ in heaven complete with salad and tartar sauce, yum!

So we go through these cycles of food obsessions when we simply must go back and eat the same thing over and over again. Then there’ll be a lapse when we’re on the prowl for a new obsession…

… when we’d gladly go back time and time again to have our tongues singed silly by the spiciness of peri-peri chicken. And all those weekends chomping down Vietnamese pork chops over rice, by the end of which the cute waiter knew our orders by heart and had become our personal server. And not forgetting that incredible garlic shrimp pasta which we never seem to get tired of.

Are you as crazy as we are, or crazier? Do you obsess over a merry-go-round of food like we do? 😆

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  • Angelia

    Oh man! I know just what you mean. My daughter and I have been hitting happy hour at a Sushi restaurant. The waitress knew our bill was $1.00 more than last week. I thought, okay we are regulars!

    Those fish and chips, look and sound scrumptious!!! I love food and definitely have obsessions. 🙂