lost in time

I have no idea why the two digital clocks in my car are showing different times but they are 😯 . The one on the overhead tells me I’m late. The one on the dash says I’m early. So which is it?

Me being me, I’m almost OCD about being early to pick up my kids. Always. I don’t want them to wait. Like my dad used to make me wait and wait and wait till I was almost the only one left in school. That has scarred me for life, seriously.

My watch is the only one with the correct time. Normally I’d be flipping my wrist to check the time as I turtle down the highway.

But my watch battery died 🙁 . Again? Didn’t I just replace it like a couple months ago? Dang, gotta get it changed again asap. And now, I’m left checking the time on my cell phone instead. I’m totally lost without my watch! Are you?

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  • kristin

    I love watches, and not just the fancy ones, they make them so cute they will go with any outfit. I just buy the cheap ones wherever I find them. Hope you find something you like soon 🙂

    • clairity

      Mine’s a Tag and I’ve had it like forever and I love it like crazy. Yes, I love the cheap, dress watches too with the fancy designs 😀 .

  • mommy to chumsy

    Yes, i’m like you too. i am lost without a watch 🙂 the clocks and watches in our home are always 5 minutes early. I also like to go early and pick up Ash. Don’t want her to keep waiting 🙂

  • Petula

    I haven’t worn a watch in years. Maybe I should start doing that again especially given my Wednesday post about rushing and running late. I rely on my cell phone and the clock on the dash in my car. Kitchen stove and microwave… digital one in my room. I don’t like keeping my children waiting either. I think it scares them, but we have to also teach them about when things come up like traffic, etc., so they can learn how to cope. Okay, I can’t resist adding: So they aren’t obsessed with time when they grow up. LOL… I’m just teasing you. Cool post.

  • Janine

    I’m like you about picking up my son. I’m always there at least 15 minutes early to pick him up. I never use a watch though, I use the clock on my cell phone all the time.