someone’s got to be blamed!

I had to pick Steev up from college this morning and I was running really late. Isn’t Monday always crazy like that?

Anyhow as I was running out the door, I decided to text Steev to let him know I’m on my way. Right after I did that, Raine’s cell phone chimed in a new text message. First thought that hit me:

Now why would anyone text her when they know fully well she’s in school?

I peeked at her cell phone screen and it said right there the message was from “Mom”.

Mom?!? Who the heck is that? 😯

Oops, I guess that would be…. me!

In my hurry to rush out with car keys, purse and shoes in hand, my text message had gone to Raine instead of Steev!! 😯

I blame it on Monday!

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  • Petula

    LOL! Awwww… I so know those types of moments. It sounds like something I could have done. I hope that your day has calmed down some and you’ve caught up with time. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your week.