a mountain of homework

My pack mules (to use someone’s word for my teen daughters with their super-heavy backpacks) came struggling up the stairs after school with another mountain of homework today. A great way to reduce body fat, I jokingly told them.

The past two days, they’ve been swamped with ‘homework’ which consisted solely of copying entire chapters off the text book into an exercise book 😯 ! Some of you may know that I’m not a proponent of homework for the sake of homework.

Copying wholesale is merely an exercise in writing. It’s completely unproductive, meaningless and serves no purpose except to profit the stationery makers! It doesn’t benefit the kids. at. all! I might as well get the whole book photocopied and turn in as my “homework, there all done, you happy now 🙄 ?”

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One Comment

  • jayatwork

    ya. why this schools must’ve so many homework? my teenager niece who live with me come home and everyday do homework and don’t want eat her meals. this is very unhealthy. i hope your kids will have time to enjoy their time with family.