some folks just don’t get it!

The road outside my daughters’ school is a two-way street. Every day, just before school lets out, there are cars parked and double-parked on both sides of this street, leaving a single, barely passable lane in the middle.

What really gets me is that not a day goes by when some smart aleck isn’t trying to drive against the traffic flow on that street. During the half hour or so when school lets out, the street turns into an unofficial one-way street.

They don’t seem to get it that since there’s a never-ending line of cars coming from one direction and the street is clogged with waiting cars, there’s just no way to get through from the other direction. No point honking and throwing tantrums because there’s just no room for negotiation 😯 !

Even coming from the ‘right’ direction, I can’t squeeze through in my minivan. I usually try to get there a little early before the madness starts. Some parents sit in their cars to wait. Parents of younger kids brave hot sun and age spot to walk up to the school gate to wait. That’s just how it works.

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