lady with the nose ring

I took the girls to get their school shoes just a few days before school started. The cashier was nowhere to be seen so we waited like a minute for her to make her appearance. She gave me a glum look as if I’d intruded upon whatever she’d been doing away from her job.

It’s funny how sometimes these facial expressions escape me. Maybe I’ve gotten immune to them 😆 . As usual, I didn’t think much about it.

Me (in my perkiest mood): Love that nose ring!

It was the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Her nose ring was the prettiest little flower with a red stone in the middle and a ring of white ones. Really cute!! The nose ring, not her. She shot me a pained look like someone whose colon cleansing had gone desperately wrong.

Me: Did it hurt when you got it done?

I must either be the most tactless person or totally blind to her dagger looks 😛 .

She: No, did it two years ago!

Wow, then how come she still looks like she’s in pain 😯 !?

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