from lazy to crazy

We had one of the quietest weekends ever. The hectic first week of school really took us out, physically and mentally. Saturday morning, I dragged us all to the grocery store and between me and the kids, we loaded up the cart in record time and got the heck out of there after a quick lunch. Nope, no way I was in any mood to cook.

After we got home, we realized we had run out of puppy food. What a great excuse to go out for dinner! So that was how I escaped cooking two meals in a row 😉 . Yes, I know I said we’d try to eat in more but this was a dire emergency!!

We stayed home all of Sunday, basking around the house like a colony of tardy, overfed seals 🙄 .

It’s really hard transitioning from a lazy Sunday to a crazy Monday, I tell ya. The spring semester has just started for Steev. Monday morning traffic in the city is insane but I got him to college in time for his 8:00am class after dropping the girls off at school.

Speaking of seals, I’m starting to look like one. Good thing I got to work out for almost two hours at the gym and got caught up with my gym buddies who haven’t seen me since Christmas Eve 😛 , before heading back to Steev’s college to pick him up. So that was the entire Monday morning gone. How did yours go?

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  • Angelia

    What a week and morning! Traffic was nuts here this morning. Seems like everything is getting back to pre-holiday.
    🙂 Til the next one that is. I’ve been having issues with hives and it has zapped my energy. I really need to work out but by the time I get home, I have to take a Benadryl to stop the incessant itching. Phew! I see the doctor on Thursday hoping for relief. Then I can REALLy get back to it.

  • Lindsay

    Kinda sounds familiar. This weekend we just lazed around and went and hung out at the parents house. Then yesterday comes and zoooom! And even more so today. Between 3-7 pm we had four visitors which is funny that they all showed up on the same day and three at around the same time.