hairy decision

So here’s the thing, right? I loathe hair salons. The very thought of being held captive to a babble of empty feminine gossip, and my hair and face being pulled and pushed in different directions at once, is enough to keep me far, far away from hair salons. I just don’t have the patience for this thing some of my friends call pampering (?).

First the hair dresser subjects my head to semi-abuse, then she tries to get all friendly and chatty, then she tries to convince me to agree to all sorts of other abuses to my poor hair – you should steam it, color it, fry it, roll it up and grill it 😯 ! By then, I’m really in no mood for anything more than monosyllabic grunts. Just to shut her up!

So you can imagine why I’ve left my hair to its own devices. I looked in the mirror this morning and suddenly, my hair is this long.

While I’m clearly not one to fuss with my hair, I kinda like playing around with different styles. I get bored easily with the same old, you know, like going on destin florida vacations a few times but doing the same things each time 🙁 . Having a new hairstyle, now that’s like becoming a whole new person! It’s fun!

So I’m thinking I should cut my hair short – again. I love this long hair but I think a shorter style would be easier to maintain since I work out at the gym several times a week and the weather is freakin’ hot! Should I risk a trip to the hair salon? Or should I just tie up my hair? What do you think?

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  • Shelley

    Take the leap!! My hair is long right now, and I am considering getting it cut short! My hubby loves me in short hair! I personally think its fun playing around with different hair styles 🙂 And the best thing…it will always grow back!!

    Good luck to ya!

  • kristin

    Ahhhh . . . I’m in the LOVE the hair salon camp – it’s so wonderful to be pampered that way, and you can tell the ‘hair lady’ anything . . . they always seem to be great listeners. Gee – maybe I better call and make an appointment 🙂


  • Catherine

    I agree I really do not like to go the the salon. I am sure whatever your decision it will be the right one. These are the decisions that make life interesting. Blessing to you, Catherine

  • Joey

    I’m no one to give hair advice (ever read my Tony Danza hair post?). But I did once have this lovely girl cutting my hair that wasn’t chatty. She used to work for a mortician, but found it too depressing so she went to work on live people. She thought the dead would be good for her lack of conversation skills. I found the silence in the salon chair refreshing.

  • marie

    I hate salons for the same reason you do and as much as possible avoid the gay hairdressers since they’re the really chatty ones. And they have endless suggestions for your hair as well as products to sell. But you know, you should go ahead and cut it short. I took the plunge years ago and have had short hair since. You’ll feel light right away and so easy to care for not to mention saving on hair products 🙂

  • The Mommyologist

    Every time mine gets too long, I can’t wait to cut it. Then I chop it off and I can’t wait for it to grow back! I just can’t seem to get satisfied with my hair!

    Stopping by from MBC!