5 down, 200 to go!

Rarely has a Friday been this much anticipated in our household. Sure we live for the weekends (doesn’t everyone?) and we’re usually happy when Friday rolls around. But today is different.

This is the Friday we’ve all been looking forward to!! This is the Friday after 5 grueling days (feels more like 5 years!) of unnecessarily, ridiculously long school hours. When I picked the girls up from school, they were beaming from ear to ear! And we drove straight to the McD’s drive-thru for the lunch they’ve been waiting all week for!

A few quick wisecracks from the girls today.

Raine (gobbling down her burger): Man, I feel like I just got released from jail!

Skye (right after lunch/shower): Time to get some sleep, be back in two hours! (After a two-hour afternoon nap, she couldn’t stop smiling through dinner.)

Raine (to her friends online): Boo you, homework, you can sit there till Sunday!

Already the girls are counting the days till the end of the school year.

5 down, 200+ to go 😯 !

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