warning! tech at work!

Steev was asked to repair a computer notebook at work today. This is probably the first time and a half that he’s actually opened up a notebook. And the result was disastrous…

While one of the techs was busy unscrewing the casing, Steev sat beside him, watching intently in the hopes of remembering which screws came from where. There was a myriad of screws, in all shapes and sizes, and black and silver ones too.

By the time the notebook lay like Humpty Dumpty on the workbench amidst a heap of screws, Steev had lost track 😯 ! The tech promptly vanished for a meeting, leaving Steev to replace the broken screen and put the notebook back together.

Putting on a new screen was easy, Steev said. But he couldn’t get one of the wires to reach where it was supposed to go. So he kept pulling it and tugging it till it lengthened and thinned out so much it almost snapped 😯 !

Next came the jigsaw puzzle of trying to fit the screws back where they belonged. Only problem was Steev had no idea which screw belonged where! Finally when he thought he had it all together, he discovered he didn’t have enough screws to get the back of it back on!

Not enough screws! But there were so many to start with! But like it or not, he was still short. So he undid everything and went back in to free up some screws 😆 ! Now instead of four screws on the back casing, it only has two!

The final word from Steev:

See, Mom, that’s why I always say I should never be a surgeon. Or at least if I were a surgeon, you wouldn’t want me to be your surgeon… because your stomach might end up in your brain and your brain might end up in your bladder 😯 !!

Image courtesy of myfastrax.com


Anyone has a computer that needs to be repaired?

Or destroyed?

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