best of Hip to be Mom 2009

I wasn’t going to do a grandmother post to tally up this year, but WTH, I’ll go ahead and do a long-winded grandmother post (my last chance to bore everyone this year). 2009’s been a good year, an interesting year and I’m a little sad to see it go.

This was a year of rock concerts for us. Some free tickets to MTV World Stage fell from the sky and we got to see Hoobastank, Boys Like Girls and All-American Rejects ‘live’! The girls and I are huge fans of AAR. And as luck would have it, AAR came back for a second concert. Raine won tickets to the concert and we also got to meet the band. Pretty cool, huh?

And just to show the world we’re not a bunch of Philistines, we spent an entire afternoon falling asleep at the Philharmonic, quite an experience for my first-timers.

We’re also huge fans of blogging for charity and we had a blast staying up for 24 hours straight blogging at Blogathon 2009. I’ve been doing it for 3 years now, the past 2 years with Raine and Skye. It’s so much fun for a good cause. We’re definitely doing it again next year!

I spent a month on vegetarian diet and gained some weight in the process 😯 . My attempt at learning French turned out to be a bit of a laugh. When Tyson, our baby beagle, moved in in September, French went out the window.

The two weddings, one on my in-law side and the very disappointing one on my side of the family, were non-events as far as I’m concerned. On the positive side, if I never appreciated my in-laws before, I appreciate them a little more now. But only just a little, let’s not get carried away 😉 .

Not forgetting our recent beach holiday at the Hard Rock Hotel where we created some beautiful memories… and what a proud mama I am that the kids have done great in school this year.

New Year resolutions, I have none. They don’t work for me so I’m not even going to waste my time. Just some notes to self – eat healthy, stay cool, pray for world peace, keep smiling and keep striving for excellence 🙂 .


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