have you watched ‘Sherlock Holmes’?

Hip2bDad surprised us with tickets to the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ movie the other day. Yes, it was truly a surprise because for the past 300 years, I’ve been the one booking tickets to everything and anything. So nothing was ever a surprise!

In fact, if I could’ve gotten someone else to do the work, I would’ve 😆 . Truth be told, I’m a pampered brat. When I was working in Corporate Tower, I got my secretary to do everything for me, even rescue me from boring, old meetings that were going nowhere *smirk*!

The tea lady made me tea 3 times a day and all I had to do was sip it. When I ran out of cigars, I’d send her down to the cigar store to get me some more. Okay, maybe not cigars but you get the idea, life sure was sweet then.

Anyhow, back to ‘Sherlock Holmes’. Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law make a brilliant pair as Sherlock and Watson. I thought the plot was rather elementary. An evil man wants to rule England and using his ‘magical powers’ almost succeeds in causing panic and seizing power. Unfortunately for him, nothing escapes the clever Mr Holmes 😉 ! Nice bit of holiday entertainment there. Go watch it with your kids.

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  • mommy to chumsy

    no i haven’t watched Sherlock Holmes. In fact, I haven’t watched a lot of movies in the past 5 years 🙁 Jude Law is mighty hawt here 😀 Happy New Year to you and your family.

  • Blia

    My husband has been wanting to go see this movie, so thanks for the review. Hopefully we can get away from kids to go see it 😉 Have a Happy New Year!

    • clairity

      Ya, the movie isn’t for the younger kids. The older ones should be okay though 😀 .

      @mommy to chumsy
      My kids are movie freaks so I have to be one too 😆 .