gate crasher!

Last Sunday, there was a loud crash in our neighborhood. Ka-BANG!! Should I even be alarmed that it was just my neighbor’s DIL crashing her car into their gate and bringing it down in the process? Looking at the way she drives, it’s only a matter of time.

The woman clearly is a horrible driver with a bad attitude. She’s very lazy, this according to her MIL, too lazy to even turn her steering wheel. She reverses out of her driveway by hardly turning her steering wheel at all, even when the blind can see she’s going to hit something 😯 !

I’m just glad no one got hurt and my minivan wasn’t parked outside. See why I make it a point NOT to park outside when I see she’s home? Lately she bought a minivan (and according to her MIL, it’s simply because I have one 🙄 ). If she was going to hit the gate with the little toy car she had before, what makes her think she can handle a minivan?

Anyhow, her gate is laying on the ground and she really needs it since she frequently drives her 3 kids around.

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