wasp in the house

waspOkay, I’m not sure it’s a wasp because it’s fluttering so much I can barely make it out.

Let’s just assume it is because the last couple of things that fluttered into our house were wasps and this looks like another one of those.

Don’t ask me how it got in. I’m such a mosquito magnet I had all the doors and windows in the house mosquinetted (yes, I just invented this word and you may use it, just please give me credit 😉 ). Which means we’re pretty much air-tight – unless a wasp with either brawn or brains actually figures a way in, that is.

Wasps freak me and the kids out. If ever there’s a new preoccupation on, say, the Charlotte job search list, for Professional Wasp Catcher, you can count me out. I haven’t got a clue how to chase a wasp out without killing it, my personal philosophy being to live and let live.

But apparently there is a way. We heard this true story about an old woman who discovered an ant hill in the garden patch where she wanted to plant some flowers. Not wanting to kill the ants, she spoke to them instead and gave them an ultimatum to move out. Next day, the ants were gone 😯 .

We decided to try this trick. I got Raine to dolittle Mr Wasp and politely tell him we need our bathroom back. Well, so far, we haven’t seen or heard from Mr Wasp. It’s been over an hour and my kids have been trooping in and out of the bathroom and I haven’t heard any screaming yet 😀 . Does the Dolittle trick work, you think?

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