lazy day randomness

Back from our beach vacation and minus the usual taxi runs, these are lo-oong lazy days we’re enjoying. Waking up late. Simple lunches at home.

Me: Go to sleep, it’s very late!

Kids: Still early, Mom, we’re cultivating eyebags!


Well, I set my alarm clock last night, and Raine and I finally dragged ourselves up early enough to hit the gym which we missed for an entire week while we were away. Great to get those lazy bones moving again!

Steev, my 18-year-old who’s working part-time on a software project, came home after a half day’s work saying the office was practically deserted. Everyone’s on leave this time of year. So no work got done. Instead he snuck out for morning tea with a family friend who was in the area to meet up with some business plan writers.

I’ve pretty much decided I won’t be attending my cousin’s wedding dinner reception at the JW Marriott. We’ve been allocated only 2 seats and told point-blank my 3 teens are not invited. Now I’m not being picky, I just think it’s bad manners on their part.

Nyek, that’s my randomness for today.

buffet breakfast at Hard Rock Hotel

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  • Blia

    It’s hard to settle in after vacationing, isn’t it? I do know how you feel. Anyway, I don’t blame you for not going to your cousin’s reception. I would be throwing a fit too if my cousin said that to me. It really is supposed to be a family gathering. That really is such a shame. You made the right decision standing up for your kids though. Have a great holiday, and thank you for always commenting on my blog. It always makes me day 🙂