mall rats on an island

In the continuing saga of our beach vacation in Penang, we would’ve stayed in all day at the Hard Rock Hotel if we didn’t have to go look for food. The hotel is really nice, the rooms are freakin’ expensive but the food is nowhere near 5-star standard 🙁 .

So we pretty much had to drive 45 minutes into town every day in search of better food. Most of the beach restaurants are too touristy and aren’t open during the day anyways.

One day, we went to Gurney Plaza which is all decked up for the season but is sadly lacking shoppers unlike our malls here in the city which are so packed you can hardly walk 2 feet before bumping into a wall of people.

Gurney Plaza

At any rate, we couldn’t stay for long because the air-conditioning was pitifully lacking and I was starting to develop a headache. Maybe that’s why it’s so empty – everyone’s going “not today, dear, I have a headache”!

I still prefer Queen’s Bay Mall which is so cool – in terms of air-conditioning and location. Right across from the mall is an esplanade with palm trees and a serene stretch of sea with a small island in full view. Simply breathtaking!

Esplanade across from Queen's Bay Mall

Such a shame we didn’t get to spend some time at the esplanade as it was a hot afternoon and if you know me, I’m always trying to run from the sun. No, I don’t want a tan, thanks!

Unlike most folks, we didn’t make a beeline for the local street food which Penang is famous for. I love street food, my kids don’t like it much, and we have a common dislike for yucky food places 🙄 .

The thing I love most about Penang are the old, historical buildings and architectural styles. Glad we drove around and saw some of those sights. Wish we could’ve stayed longer. We definitely must go back soon 😉 .

boats at sea

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