rockstar escapade – walk on the beach

We slept like babies the first night at the Hard Rock Hotel as we’d been up since 3:00am to start our journey with no rest during the day. Of course, the air-conditioning was heavenly and I don’t remember a hotel bed being as comfy. Check out the little guitar logo on the pillows. Shweet!

Hard Rock Hotel room

And I love the bathroom though it was crammed and unnerving at times to have Elvis in there as well 😆 .

hotel bathroom

We had breakfast at the hotel extension on the beach. Really nice! My favorite grapefruit and honeydew to end my huge breakfast on a sweet note.

hotel breakfast

While we were still snoring away earlier, Hip2bDad had apparently sneaked down for a long walk on the beach before the sun was fully up. After breakfast, it was the lazybones’ turn to hit the beach. The soft white sand squishing through my toes, the sea breeze on my face and in my hair, the sound of waves gently swishing, those are things I haven’t felt in quite a while 🙂 .

walk on the beach

I don’t know, maybe riding a horse on the beach would be neat too, huh? Kinda Pirates of the Caribbeanish but where the heck is our Captain Sparrow? That ain’t him *bawls* .

walk on the beach

It was a sweltering 100 degrees every day so after breakfast, we had to hurry back into the shade before the sun came out in full force.

view of hotel

We spent most of the second day in the city shopping for local yummies we can’t get back home. I bought some dried vegetarian stuff and those delectable pea-filled biscuits my kids love to eat.