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My taxi runs are finally done – for this year at least. Yep, I’m hanging up my steering wheel and driving gloves! Yesterday was the end of Steev’s finals and finally my days are free of schedules, alarms going off and me jumping in and out of my minivan 20 times a day!

Finally too, we can all go on that well-deserved vacation. We missed going to Melbourne with Hip2bDad a few weeks ago partly because Steev’s semester was still on and we usually bring the whole battalion along when we go on vacation.

The girls are so excited they started packing this morning and you can imagine the giggles and flurry of activity. There were clothes all over the floor, they were trying on stuff and putting them back and every 5 minutes, one of them was dancing into my room to ask or show me something.

Steev was in his room, totally indifferent to this whole festival of packing. I think it’s a guy thing. If they’re excited, they don’t show it. They pretend everything’s cool and under control. After all, the only things they need to throw together at the last minute are a few shirts, pants and underwear 🙄 !

Our food bag is packed, stuffed with junk food the kids picked out. By the way, no prizes for guessing. Small hint, this is what we’re packing.


I’m not sure if I’ll have time to blog (will spill everything when I get back so stay tuned). I haven’t seen our agenda yet, the girls are still working on it. But I’ll definitely try to tweet (follow me there) when I’m not too busy sipping a fresh coconut under a palm tree 😉 .

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  • kristin

    Sounds delightful – love packing for vacations! It’s the laundry and unpacking that gets to me at the end:) Hope you have a wonderful time!