the job of a princess

I think in these past two days alone, we must’ve burnt through hundreds of text messages. Whenever Raine is bored, she texts us and we text back. Understandably she misses us when she’s at work!

Yes, Raine has her first job manning a Customer Service counter. How cool is that! At the same time, my 16 year old baby is such a princess at home I can’t imagine her out there handling customer problems!


At work, she alternates between the front desk and any empty desk she can find in the back office. One thing’s for sure, she has such hilarious stories to tell about the people she meets, she has Skye and me rolling on the floor.

So far, she’s had to crawl through what she calls a “bunny hole” which is used for submitting faulty equipment to the back office, dish out the same answer to a guy who asked her the same question 3 times, and do a couple of errands for the Wicked Witch of the West, a ferocious co-worker with bleached hair who seems to hate little girls 😆 .

Then an older man asked for directions to the gent’s and Raine referred him to the security guard because she didn’t know where it was, and he sarcastically asked if she’d never been to the restroom. Which she hadn’t! It was her first morning there 🙄 !

My baby looks so grown up when I picked her up from work today. I think she’s having fun too though she won’t admit it 😉 !

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