we want that cute guy!

While we were lining up for coffee at Coffee Bean recently, I spied my two teens, Raine and Skye, eyeing this guy. Oh, he’s so cute! I want him! No, you don’t! He’s mine!

WHAT 😯 ??

gingerbread man

Yikes, thank goodness, it’s only Mr Ginger!

I have to admit even I find gingerbread men adorable. When my kids were very little, I bought them a box of Pepperidge Farms gingerbread and ended up gobbling up the whole box myself because my picky eaters didn’t like the taste.

Anyhow, Raine and Skye looked so excited about this little gingerbread man, I asked if they would like one and their eyes lit up immediately. The beautiful thing about my 3 kids is that they rarely, if ever, ask us (or anyone else) to buy them things.

At any rate, tis the time of year when we do most of our shopping and eating out, and since we aren’t going on any expensive vacations or anything, why not a gingerbread man 😉 ?

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