oh yes, I can!

I stopped my minivan perpendicular to a row of parked cars outside the bakery to let Raine and Skye hop off and grab a few pastries and cakes, something that would only take 5 minutes max. The lady whose car I stopped behind started prancing around, gesturing.

Thinking that she wanted to come out, I reversed my car. But in doing so, I ended up blocking oncoming traffic and had to forward my car to the original spot behind her car to let everyone else pass. Prancer showed no signs of getting into her car. She was still standing there, gesturing wildly for me to go away, her mouth opening and closing like a goldfish.

Okay, this is it! I lowered my window so we could finally talk it out, woman to Prancer.

Me: What’s your problem?

Prancer: Why don’t you stop over there? I need to get out.

Me: Now?

Prancer: No, I need to go in there first but I’ll be leaving shortly. So go park somewhere else – how about over there?

(She hasn’t gone in yet and she’s worried about coming back out 😯 ?)

Me: Look at my car! Do you think I can fit in there?

Prancer: Well, you CAN’T park here!!!

Me: Don’t tell me what to do!

Prancer: There’s a spot over there near the ceramic tile store. Why don’t you park there?

Me: No! Now you go do whatever you have to do. I’ll move when you get out.

You’re dismissed, CONTROL FREAK!

She gave me a cold, hard glare and continued scolding as she walked into the bakery. By the time we left, she was still in there, probably telling the bakery owner how to arrange her cakes and pies 🙄 !!

control freak

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