walk in the park

Tyson spends most of his day sleeping after he tires of playing with his toys and chewing on his beefy sticks. If the weather is good, the girls will take him for a walk in the park, something he really looks forward to. It makes me smile to see him stand on two legs and wag his tail till it’s about to drop off 😆 .

Tyson’s grown up such a lot yet he’s still such a little baby. There are so many smells and sights that are still so new and fascinating to him that he stops to smell everything, yes, even the grass 😯 ! Beagles and their noses!!

Tyson at the park

We place him on one of a bench and he turns round and round trying to figure a way down. The reason why these pictures are shaky is he can’t stop moving long enough for me to get a decent shot with my phone camera.

Tyson at the park

Once we get to the play area, he’s so excited by the colors there’s no stopping him. And ever since we got him started going up the steps to the top of the slide, that’s where he heads to first thing. Go, Ty! and down he slides, ears flying!

Tyson at the park

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