Steev came home from class yesterday morning with the beginnings of a cough and fever. Tis the season, that’s one thing. The other is that Steev’s been having chocolates for breakfast, lunch and dinner – almost! Chocolate is very ‘heaty’ (raises internal body heat), hence the fever, or so we believe.

This is only a small portion of the goodies Hip2bDad brought home from Melbourne last weekend and most of it is already in Steev’s tummy 😯 .


As for the rest of the chocolates and nuts, my girls have split them up between my two fridges and hidden them deep in the drawers and behind all my other stuff, to be savored little by little when I’m not looking.

I’m guessing Hip2bDad and I are to blame for this bizarre behavior. Steev never tasted a candy till he was 3+! Raine and Skye started a little earlier, around age 2+, because by then, our friends and relatives had begun to notice how deprived our kids were and taken it on themselves to ensure our kids were normal well-fed with chocolates and candy whenever we visited.

Could this be why our teens find chocolates so irresistible? Have we inadvertently caused them to develop Chocolate-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 😯 ?

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