After tea at Starbucks with a family friend, we walk over to Friday’s for dinner. We’re standing outside waiting to be seated.

Maitre d’: Smoking or non-smoking?

Me: Non.

Skye (my 13 year old): Why do they always ask ‘smoking or non-smoking’? When they see kids, shouldn’t they instantly think non-smoking 😯 ?

no smoking

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  • Sarah C.

    It’s so true! It’s so weird (for me) to even think of restaurants with smoking sections – all the restaurants in my area are now designated non-smoking.
    Following you from MBC!

    • clairity

      Thanks for stopping by.

      @Sarah C
      Thanks for stopping by. I tried to leave a comment on your blog but there’s no option for name/URL.

  • Richele

    You have one smart teenager! Sadly, too many parents smoke around their little ones. My father in law thought nothing of smoking around a baby. He tried it once with my baby and I put a stop to it. However, he was offended..HE was a offended..and didn’t talk to us for awhile. I didn’t miss him. LOL.

  • kristin

    I know – you’d think it would be obvious! Obvious to everyone but the ‘smoking’ parents out there . . .

    What a fun place, can’t wait to return!


  • Joey

    Sadly no – I see moms carrying an infant in one hand and a cigarette in the other. I’d like to slap them.

    Here in Pennsylvania we have the smoking ban in almost all restaurants. I love it!

    I found your blog on MBC.

  • Brandy

    My DD would have said the same thing. I always tell her, “well some people do smoke around their children and it’s not my place to tell them it’s wrong just because I don’t believe in smoking around my children & filling their lungs with second hand smoke”… I think in NH now there are no more “smoking or non-smoking” sections but I could be wrong, been so long since I’ve been out to eat and I sit in non-smoking no matter what so I probably wouldn’t even notice.