what’s up, my homies?

One week of cranking out emails and text messages, craning our necks and counting down the days and Hip2bDad is finally home from Melbourne after his flight was delayed for 3 hours. Not that we didn’t think to go along for a holiday but there’s nothing much to do in Melbourne and we’d rather go someplace like Disneyland, Anaheim.

Anyhow Hip2bDad brought home lots of goodies. I haven’t taken any pictures yet because the girls hid them all away in the fridge, afraid that Hip2bDad would distribute them all away at the office 😯 ! Yep, my chocolate-deprived group here has to depend on the generosity of our relatives and friends for their chocolate binge, and trips like this where Hip2bDad spoils them rotten. I’m strictly an anti-chocolate mom!

After one week of the food there, Hip2bDad was starved for something spicy. He put down his luggage and dragged us straight out for curry laksa 😆 . He ordered this duck noodle for me. I’ve never had this before but it tastes surprisingly good.

duck noodles

I say dragged because I wouldn’t voluntarily go eat in a coffee shop, hahaha. I have a thing against dirty eating places. I don’t care how good the food is supposed to be, if the place makes me lose my appetite, I ain’t goin’ there, simple!

After lunch, we went for a drive to nowhere. We had so many stories to catch up on both sides we wanted to finish them before we got home 😀 . The funniest thing was Tyson missed Hip2bDad so much he was practically leaping out of his cage. In fact, he toppled it over and ran out! Isn’t that why they say dogs are man’s best friend? Hmm.

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